Chicago's the greatest

Chicago's the greatest

Monday, January 31, 2011

My Kind Of Math

My Kind Of Math
By Jon Slone

One Man Band
Plus 3 Dog Night
Plus 10cc
Plus Level 42.
Now subtract Take 6
And 38 Special
And while you’re at it
Take Maroon 5 too.
= Naturally 7

Ain't Music Just Grand!

(P.S. UB40 and IBNUTS!)

Sincerely yours,
Jon 10,000 Maniacs Slone

Hanging On By A Gospel Thread

Hanging On
By A
Gospel Thread

By Jon Slone

Their promethean trenches transform the pliable earth all around me.

A burnt match destined for greatness.

Stamps of their subsistence hollow me out like a severed bough, deep within the Forgotten Forest.

On Sinking Street, opulent Castles blossom like bulrushes along the Nile. And I’m left to suppose how it is that my ramshackle hut resides on the same street?

Cadaverous strangers gulp-in the eesome sky, and shed their troubles in my backyard like blankets of long-tooth skin.

I’m as conspicuous as the backing of a cross stitch.

An Infinitesimal, flaxen-locked orb of nothing, buried in a brackish lost-and-found box!

Disconsolate as an empty ice cube tray.

A paper wad in the Trash-Can Sea, hanging on by a gospel thread!

Irretrievably homesick and a hardboot for what’s behind curtain number three.

Curtain one and two are but mountebank dreams.

Sinking Street is a chimerical mist.

For Tim Laagos!

Jon BigHElittleme Slone