Chicago's the greatest

Chicago's the greatest

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Smelt TheBud LongDrink's Flick-Perpendings (Translation: A Movie Review)

In Short: Limitless was the best movie I’ve seen in the last three years!

In Knot-so-short: A lot of writers can scrape up a great first act or opening. Like in the movie, “No Country for Old Men” where the guy finds a suitcase full of drug money. Now that’s a great opening! It’s actually a fantasy for most of us.
But, and especially as of late, most film makers can’t take that seminal start and expound upon it. As far as my movie viewing goes, I’ve seen tons of movies with rotten 2nd and 3rd acts.

Not Limitless!

It starts off with this wonderful notion of being able to take a pill which allows you to access all of your brain power instead of the usual 15 to 20 percent. Imagine a bedroom being dirty, dilapidated and demolished for nearly 35 years! And all of the sudden someone cleans it up for you in a matter of 30 seconds. Now, times that by a creative and fresh 100 percent and there you have the delightful beginnings of what is unlocked in the mind of this protagonist (Bradley Cooper).

The story is great and moves along swiftly. One of the many delights is watching the different levels of cupidity and egregiousness which saddles nearly all of this adept cast. There are also twists to go along with remarkable and razor-sharp dialogue.

Lastly, some cameras like actors and actresses. Some don’t. Bradley Cooper has a love affair with this camera lens. That is to say, this guy is a leading man for sure and for certain. Something that cannot be said for Walt Disney’s lame-duck of a movie, “Prince of Persia.” Staring Jake The-camera-hates-me Gyllenhaal.

Till next time, this is your host, Smelt TheBud LongDrink saying, “Go hug a stuntman!”

Peace and a Pretzel!


  1. Guess I gotta see this movie :) and looks like your going to have to see it again :)

  2. Oh, I recommend it highly...there is not a slow part in this movie at all and it just goes by so fast...A lot of times when you watch a really good movie, it seems like the creators feel like if it has a good ending something is wrong. Well I think Shawshank proved that wrong and this movie ends well too and I was very thankful for that....