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Chicago's the greatest

Friday, April 1, 2011

This, your tenuous creation (The delicate process of creative writing)

This, your tenuous creation
(The delicate process of creative writing)
By Jon Slone

Someone once asked me what it felt like to describe the actual process.
This was my reply in a poem.

Slap something down like a fist-full of mashed potatoes.
Then push it around like you were rearranging furniture.
Stop for a precious moment, step back and gaze upon it, this, your tenuous creation.
Then immediately stow, with everything in you, the urge to play basketball with it!

Look on with surgical eyes. But save one glance full of ripe aggrandizement.
Cut the cord and walk away.

Several good and restful hours later, come home to your prose.
Drink-in slowly, the fetching bits.
Notice the horrid lumps straight away!

Make haste to operate yet again!

More slaps!
Reconfigure those ink-stained end-tables!
Draw lines through.
Drop in.
Couch together.

Dab the ink.
Take a drink.
Chase new ideas with new sneakers!

Quill over ink pool
Take the plunge!
Must stop the bleeding!


Rubbish and genius, shoulder to shoulder but for a fleeting moment!

Rinse and repeat for what seems like forever!

This, your tenuous creation.

Peace & a Pretzel!

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  1. How absolutely adorable...You can't keep wadding it up and playing basketball with it...I remember when you used to do that and sashie would fetch the wads for you...walking away is so good because you do this all the time and then have so much better thoughts when you come back with a fresh perspective...I had seen you in years past get bogged down with your creation...i love the comparison to surgery and it probably does feel that way...I loved it...and I think it is probably for the most part....true....