Chicago's the greatest

Chicago's the greatest

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Doofus the Bard

Doofus the Bard
By Jon Slone

Said Doofus the bard from Lafayette.
“The hand is poised and the quill is wet!
I think I’ll start a seminal caper!
As soon as I get my hands on some paper.”

“The ideas are growin’
I’m now to-and-froin’.
My pop tart was perfect
My juices are flowin’.
My villain will unfurl a truculent vapor!
As soon as I get my hands on some paper.”

“Frustrations are showin’
A fit I’ve been throwin’.
My stomach’s in knots
I’m woe-is-me woein’.
My brain’s outta gas
I’m gasping for breath.
My left hand is fried
The quill bled to death!

My novel just dove off a BIG SKY SCRAPER!


I think I just found me some paper.

Jon Mr. Human Jon Box Slone

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  1. I emjoyed reading this again...It is very good and the little kick at the end, is surprising and very clever....I thought you were supposed to be working on your book....We need this book out there for all to read...