Chicago's the greatest

Chicago's the greatest

Friday, March 9, 2012

Yeah, we got'em! (you get the L!)

Yeah, we got’em! (you get the L!)
By Jon Slone

We had a Sheppard who could leap for days and days!
We had a Meeks servin’ J’s & Trey’s on trays!
We were born to shine
You were poised for pine.
We hangin’ banners like its wash on a clothes line!
We droppin’ three’s good and plenty, rockin’ Rims like Kenny.
We got the jets in our bounce like our name was Bennie

We got the best fans ever in every pew.
The BBN is in your house and it’s packed with blue!
The throng is strong yo, the crew’s sensational!
Cat-lanta, the Maui Invitational!

You go against Kentucky and it’s an Aft-Climb!
You’re dead and buried and it ain’t even half-time!
So hang anutha blood-letting in the win column.
If yer lookin’ for the team with the most, yeah we got’em!

We in your brain ‘til it wanes and waxes numb.
Your little team is tucked under Kentucky’s thumb!
We was kickin’ and clawin’ and ballin’ at birth!
Now we’re all-in like a flood that blankets the earth!
If this world is a stage then Rupp is the best!
We gonna see which posse can dance the best!
We droppin’ wins like our fingers were covered in grease.
The Godfather of the game and you’re just the niece!
Our fate is eight and then it’s nine while you rock the bottom.
If you wanna see stars in the light, yeah we got’em!

We had a Kevin Grevey and a Cotton Nash.
And a Winston Bennett and a Monster Mash!

We had a Jorts and a Jones and a Dirk and Mills.
We had a Prince and a Knight and a King for realz.
And a Tony and a Walt and a Derek and Toine.
And a Nazr and a Mark, Jeff, Wayne and Ron!

It’s like this ya’ll
It’s like that ya’ll
We had an Issel for a Pistol and a Pratt ya’ll!
It’s like that ya’ll
It’s like this ya’ll
We had a Rex and he was King and he could ball ya’ll!

We got the Goose
We got the Wall
We’re Unforgettable.
You’re not at all!
We’re getting’ eight
Then getting’ nine!
We push ahead
You lag behind.

We got the Davis
And Michael Kidd
We on a run boy
You on a skid!
We got the Darius
He’s gonna carry us!
We got the Teague
Best in the League!
We got the Three Goggs
We got the Kyle
They tickle twine so much it makes the rim smile!

We’re getting’ eight
Then getting’ nine!
We push ahead
You lag behind!
We are the mist
That drives the nail.
You come to Rupp
You get the L!

Jon 8 Slone


  1. Oh wow, you are talking about my heart....this is wonderful...I love all the references to the guys...sheppard, rocking rims....its a little jukin and jivin...and I like Cotton a blast from the past...There isn't a Kentucky fan that wouldn't love this...I love the rythmn of it...issel for a pistol and pratt yall...I think you should send it to Ky.Radio...I think they would love it....can you call me so I can say hi to my baby...

  2. This was a great poem even without being a Kentucky fan. "We were born to shine. You were poised for pine." I love those lines.