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Chicago's the greatest

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gotye is tasty like applesauce and peaches

Gotye is tasty like applesauce and peaches
By Jon Slone

Seriously…when you are compelled to write about some new musical artist, that has to be your first sign that said musician is quite good. For I don’t think, nay, I am certain that I would not undertake to sift precious time away from toiling at my prodigious novel to tell you about some dude across the pond unless the “Dude across the pond” was really really good.

Gotye is the name ladies and germs. Remember it well for I dare say it will bode nicely atop your mouth-watering new-artist shelf.

From here, I will try to be brief.

Great music plus great voice equals Gotye! He is an avid gatherer of odd noises and deep seeker of bizarre things to whack at with a pair of drum sticks. Gotye also can warble his butt off (He sounds like Sting and looks like his illegitimate son….no lie)
If you like odd music, neat sounds, sonic poetry, cool lyrics, something real and fresh and new, The Police and dudes that favor Gordon Sumner than look no further than Gotye. Pronounced (go tea YAY)

Best songs in my opinion would be:
Somebody that I used to know
Thanks for your time
State of the art
Easy way out
Eyes wide open
Save me
I feel better

Gotye is definitely worth thirty minutes of your time. Give him a try. Also, as of right now, his song, “Somebody that I used to know” is number 5 on the Billboard Top 100 list. That equates to a smash hit!

Jon Goatteeyay Slone

Fuh-realz, this guy really does look like Sting!

...did you think I was kidding?

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  1. I think this is a very intriging review....if I hadn't heard him in your car and was immediately impressed, I think I would check him out anyway....there were a couple you played for me that I liked but especially Somebody that I Used to Know....excellent song and your correct, he does look like Sting...very unique sound to his music....I liked it alot...thanks for the introduction.