Chicago's the greatest

Chicago's the greatest

Thursday, February 2, 2012


By Jon Slone

What’s six times seven?
Hold up Dad I know it!
The fat kid got it…
You better not blow it!

But blow it he does,
For little Gabe freezes.
And now it quite stings when little Gabe sneezes.
Cause Gabe caught a left hook,
Right to the nose!

The backhand came
And crushed it like a waffle!
And now that Gabe hates his Dad somethin’ awful!
And the fatty known also as the six times seven whiz.
Will be loathed even more than he already is.
And the Dad went on to get saved I suppose.

And the fat kid is me
Or maybe he’s you.
And as for that Gabe?
Well, he’s now forty-two.

Hey, that’s it!

Jon eweknewitwascoming Slone

1 comment:

  1. Wow, no I didn't know this was coming...does Scott, or should I say Gabe know about this..It is just so clever and well written...honest and they say the best stories and poems for that matter come from real life...This is real and I know it...I enjoyed it, or at least the creative way that you told your readers about the incident....