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Chicago's the greatest

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

fun. is fun!

fun. is fun!
By Jon Slone

I just discovered the band, fun. less than twenty four hours ago. They are so refreshingly wonderful that I was compelled to write about them straightaway.

All of the musicians (3) are tops in their field and played prominent roles in the three disbanded groups from whence they came. In that regard, they’re like a super-group.
The lead singer (Nate Ruess) is the best. He sings not only through the roof, but through the first layer of low-lying clouds what scoot in constantly to hear this man croon. Their arrangements and overall sound are like a croissant, endless peels of sonic nourishment and then some.

My favorite songs are, Some Nights, We are young, Why am I the one, All alone, Stars, Walking the Dog and All the pretty girls. The last two songs are from their first album, Aim and Ignite. The others are fresh from their new release, Some Nights, which just became available for purchase today.

Something about their music makes my insides feel like they’re sliding down a Skittles Rainbow whilst eating Turkish Delight and watching Picture Pages on the Telly!

Is that a bad thing?

Bottom line: fun. Is FUN!

Jon fun-liker Slone


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  1. I checked out a few of their songs. They have a good sound, but really not my kind of music. I can see why you would like them, but this one's not for me.