Chicago's the greatest

Chicago's the greatest

Monday, February 13, 2012


By Jon Slone

Kratticus Cutpurse had a very odd handle.
And he lumbered through life wearing only one sandal.
And was known about town as a bit of a vandal.
And he scribed his tall-tales neath a flicker-less candle.

Kratticus Cutpurse had a name that couldn’t worsen.
And he trudged with one shoe on his poorly-shod person.
And the scuttlebutt labeled Mr. Cutpurse, a crook.
And in darkness he penned his perpendings for a book.

Kratticus Cutpurse had a strange appellation.
And he lived on one loafer due to heavy inflation.
And he burgled so often that they all called him Snatches.
And he scored in the shadows cause he couldn’t afford matches.

This feller had a name that most people would butcher.
To boot, this here quack only laced up one clog.
And in times of great lack this boy’s bent was to borrow.
And he laid forth his thoughts in the pitch of north Prague.

Weird name, weird name, whatcha gonna do?
Like, why the long face, Mr. One Shoe, One Shoe?
You be a pick-pocket-pro, be a pro, bro…
Maybe you should go write your stories in the snow though.

Jon K.C. Slone

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  1. Is this a new work? It is very good and I liked the change of meter in the last part..very good and very catchy..clever and I liked it liked it alot...I mean cutpurse is good but Kratticus is awesome...where did you come up with that name...Did you enjoy your valentine's day? Is everyone feeling better..I hope so....