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Chicago's the greatest

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Harry's Teeth

Harry’s Teeth
By Jon Slone

My sis got his tresses in no small measure!
And the outright propensity for finding lost treasure.
And Keith got the Arkansas Toothpick and sheath.
And all that I got was my Dad’s crooked teeth!

And Scott got the gift of gab from my father.
And Trent got the bent to be quite the big bother.
And Ben got his voice
So he sits and he swings.
And he sings with his shiny wooden box strung with strings.
And Jim got his hops.
Or some call it ups.
And Mike got his case of collapsible cups.
And Jill got his smile.
And the smarts went to Heath.
And all that I got was my Dad’s crooked teeth!

Say what?

You’re curious to know what they look like for real?!
Okay, but you gotta like promise not to squeal!

Some have a point
And some are quite blunt.
And some face sideways
And some face front.
And some like to fester and some like to smother.
And some in one section are stacked on each other.
And one tooth on top likes to stick out real good.
And there’s one that’s so brown that you’d swear it was wood!

Yeah, tell me about it!

I could have been blessed, as was Courtney or Keith.
But instead, for my turn, someone gave me these teeth!

Harry’s Teeth.
Dad’s teeth.
Gross and eee gads teeth!

Busted-up choppers with hope headin’ south.
Cause it looks like a pipe bomb went off in my mouth!

I swear on a carrot with coins underneath.
May you never inherit a bunch of these teeth!

Jon Meandmyarrow Slone

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  1. I liked Harry's was clever and funny and I don't want them convinced me.I think some of the family members got some pretty good stuff...but the funny thing can't see Harry's teeth. Jill got his smile and heath got his smarts...but my friend you have his teeth...I liked it....I need you to call me dear....when ever you can...