Chicago's the greatest

Chicago's the greatest

Thursday, December 9, 2010

And That's Pretty Darn Awesome!

And That’s Pretty Darn Awesome!
By Jon Slone

I’m here today, I’m gone tomorrow!
An eighty year span, to God, is a cough!
I get to the end and it’s just the beginning!
I’ve gone a long way yet I’m just starting off!
I feel pretty sure, just to find out I’m bluffin’!
It’s all a dark glass,
A faith-flooded riddle!
I’m smart when it is that I know I know nuthin’!
A puny little pot with a crack down the middle!

I’m undersized, I’m inconsequential!
Yet Jesus left heaven and He died on a tree!
There on the cross while I was still sinning,
My mind can’t fathom this deed done for me!

I sure can’t wait to cry on His toes,
And wipe up the tears with my rough facial-frizz!
Heaven forbid that I boast in the slightest!
Except for the fact that I know that I'm His!

And that’s pretty darn awesome!

"I revel in my nothingness!"
Press on, Pray on, Preach on!
Jon Big HE little me Slone


  1. What a great way to put everything into perspective! And a pretty darn nice way to start the day..

  2. I love it Jon....i like the way you used every other line to rhyme and I like the way you said, when we think we got it all figured out, then we come to realize that we don't at all...and Stacy is right, it's a good way to start the day and a very realistic way for all of us to look at our Savior and his love for us..we all have a tendency to think more of ourselves than we should...Your words are exactly how we should feel...thanks for the reminder...

  3. Ok, I'm on here....where are you....where is my inspiration for working Christmas week....