Chicago's the greatest

Chicago's the greatest

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Romans Eight: Pick-Me-Up

We all go through hard times! Life on earth is cruel, hardships are plenty, Jesus is free, but faith is hard! Trials and tests seem to way us down while the world trys to mischief us something awful! We Christians trudge a slender and arduous road! Our goal is a narrow door. Our surroundings are dark and twisted. The villian is a monster. And our lamp is an indescribable gift!

We have to remember that this life is but a 2 minute stroll on the practice field. And that the other, more, perfect and pain-free "real game" hasn't even started yet.

As chattering clay vessels in His nail-scarred hands, some of us are waterfalls and wardrobes. Others are warblers, whatchamacallits and waste-baskets! Be that as it may, one thing is for certain......we're all busted-up,crack-riddled and desperately needing the Father's love and encouragment!

So here's the deal-pickle! I was having one of those, crack-riddled and busted-up days not too long ago when I delightfully happened upon Romans, chapter eight, whilst tucked away in a daily quiet time. What the Heavenly Father revealed to me
was a bit of that, "Thirst-no-more" "Water-for-your-weary-souls" kinda stuff!! The consummate, pick-me-up if you will."

In Romans eight, Jesus says that, "the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words!"
That God has given us right standing with himself. And that, not only did Jesus die for our sins and jump up three days later, defeating sin, satan and the grave, But that He is also, "sitting at the place of highest honor next to God, pleading for us!"

Are you kidding me?


Depression gone! Tough times, see you later! My feet just became a little more sure-footed and my load just got a little bit lighter!!

The three most important people ever (The Comforter, Dad, and Dad's kid) are bending over backwards for me!

And you!

But why me and why you?

We don't deserve it, no way, no how! But there you have it! Groaning for us, dying for us, pleading for us and "Right-standing" for us!!

These words and more will always be responsible for gasing up the "Pep-in-my-step!"

Thank you Jesus for being the best thing that ever happened to me! My ultimate hiding place! My redeemer! My All-in-All!

Til next time,
"I revel in my nothingness!"
Press on, pray on, preach on!
Much love!!!
Jon BIGHElittleme Slone

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