Chicago's the greatest

Chicago's the greatest

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sausage Gravy!

Sausage Gravy
By Jon Slone

An ugly tie
A suit that was navy.
And lots and lots
Of sausage gravy!

A tin of fudge.
No Fudge, for real!
Why, any tin was a sweetmeat meal!
And cookies so warm they would make you squeal!
And heaps and heaps
Of sausage gravy!

The living room was a paper sea!
Lapping up against the tree!
A swell of tags and tape debris.
And six shirt boxes addressed to me!
And tons and tons
Of sausage gravy!

A big bay window with drum sets and more!
With snow cone machines and Lite Brite’s galore!
And Star Wars figures were never a bore!
So Star Wars boodle would all wash ashore!
And out of the sky, why, the board games would pour!
And loads and loads
Of sausage gravy.

Loads and lots and heaps and maybe…
Mounds and piles of paper wavy!
With me, the baby.
And lots and lots
Of sausage gravy!

These were my memories as a child at Christmas! Everything was done huge in my family, including the people! Around the kitchen table there were huge chin-wags, along with massive amounts of thunderous laughter. I remember huge naps, big eat-fests, monstrous amounts of singing, movie-viewing, game-playing, confection-consumption and yes, lots and lots of sausage gravy!

“I revel in my nothingness!”
Press on, Pray on, Preach on!
Jon BigHElittleme Slone

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  1. sweet..I can see the family all sitting around the fireplace while your grandad was sitting in his rocker cracking walnuts :)