Chicago's the greatest

Chicago's the greatest

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


By Jon Slone

This world can have
The shirt off my back.
My shoes and my pants
And the bags that I’ve packed.
For naked I entered this world and believe
That naked’s the way I’ll be taking my leave.
My head and my eyes
Have an upward tilt.
To a wondrous home
That my Father has built.
A place that’s teeming
With beauty unsurpassing.
A life with my Creator
That will be everlasting!
I’ll fly with the angels
I’ll be quite a pistol.
In a world with gold streets
And a sea made of crystal.
I’ll have so much joy
I won’t know what to do.
Plus I’ll know every face
And they’ll all know mine too.
So I live in the spirit
For my Dad and my Boss.
And the things of this world
I count them as loss.
Looking up and looking forward
To heaven with Pops.
Where true life begins
After this one stops!

From a book that I wrote and illustrated called, "Riggleberry Bloke and other silly Whatknots."

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