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Chicago's the greatest

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Same Old Song

Same Old Song
By Jon Slone

Dad tells the son,
Oh the dreck that did tempt me!
The lot of it boy, was quite
Feckless and empty!

God had a plan
For me and I knew it.
And maybe down the road
I’d see my way to it.

Sure I got saved
As a boy back in Blairmore.

I guess it was the timing I just didn’t care for.

For my way of thinking,
Though now misbegotten.
Was before being top-shelf
I’d have to be rotten!

You see, after all
There were upcoming years.

To mouth-off to parents
And puke with my peers.

A time to get high,
A time for a buzz.

A time to act older
Then I actually was!

For parents and Pedagogues…
See the word, bail!

For rules and schools were dreadfully stale!

No matter how wrong,
If I shouldn’t or should.

I danced and I pranced
While I still looked good!

And that’s how I felt,
So that’s what I did.

Backsliding from God.
Two decades, I slid!

His Word and His Will were morsels untasted.
All of those years for my Savior, I wasted!

Says Dad to his son,
Those days weren’t fun.
So whatever you do
Don’t do what I’ve done!

Those famous last words went the way of the curse.
For the boy grew up and he stumbled much worse!

A tired turn-table
Spinning the same warped and monotonous song as always.
And nobody likes the music at all.
And nobody gets up to change it!

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  1. Interesting..kinda depressing..yet not so much because of how it all ended. Great post!