Chicago's the greatest

Chicago's the greatest

Friday, November 18, 2011

How I Lost a $1.89 (When second windows don't work)

How I Lost $1.89 (When second windows don’t work)
By Jon Slone

So I’m out at Brier Creek and I’m dying for a McDonald’s Coke.

To me, at the pinnacle of Soft-Drink Mountain sits Mountain Dew. But a classic Coke from McDonald’s is a close second.

Their signature potation borders on dessert in my opinion. That’s how good it is. And by, Great Zeus’ Beard, last night I was gonna have one. (Light ice of course)

Here’s what happened…

I pay my money at the first window and at the second, I receive my liquid confection in a super-sized container. And there was no orange juice in it so I was safe from droppage if and when my phone rang.

I get to the point where I’m about to turn onto highway 70 when I capriciously decide that now is as good a time as any to enjoy my first swig.

The next thing I know, my mouth is full of Diet Coke.

I calmly turn the space ship around and tool back to the Golden Arches. This time, at the second window, I’m even nicer and more cordial than I was the first time.

Jon: Pardon me, I asked for a Coke, this is Diet Coke. May I please have a real Coke por favor?
The Lady: Here.
Jon: Thank you.

I drove away. This time I let myself get all the way down where Miami Blvd intersects with 70. I took a second gulp, more anticipatory this go-around than the first. I mean, I couldn’t wait for runny righteousness to trickle down my gullet like candy-coated raindrops from a clumpy Coca-Cola cloud!

It was Diet Coke.

Post Script:

If I had gone back one more time, the title of this post would have read:

How I lost a Coke but gained a gift card.

Jon No-drink Slone


  1. Very entertaining...and funny!! Love the Blog!! Glad you got the GIFT CARD too!!

  2. McDonalds does have the best coke! Really funny stuff, man!