Chicago's the greatest

Chicago's the greatest

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Uber Jen and Mr. Steve

Uber Jen and Mr. Steve
By Jon Slone

The last two times that MacKenzie has had her portraits done, we’ve gone to, J and S Photography, LLC.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. Yes, my name is Jon Slone. But no, the J and S in J and S Photography, LLC don’t belong to me….this is not my corporation.

Ladies and germs, let me tell ya, these people are absolutely wonderful! Steve (Apart from being the S) is the one who takes the pictures. He welcomes you to be as proactive as you want during the photo shoot or to step back, if you so desire, and chill-lax while nursing one of their tasty and gratuitous potations.

Jennifer (Aside from being the J) is his uber-assistant and co-owns the business along with the aforementioned Mr. S.

Jen is so sweet. The other day, Stacy and I met with her to look at proofs and she treated us like we were long lost family. Literally we felt like the only client in the room (Which was actually not the case). Our time together was drawn-out, detailed, loquacious and down-right pleasurable. The mood went a far cry past “business dealing” to somewhere in the neighborhood of friends what were leisurely sitting about and smiling whilst gawking at adorable and flawlessly rendered pictures.

Oh, and you can even bring your pets.

Come on, really?

Sup with that!

If the proof is in the pudding, let me shut up while you check out the big bowl of pulchritudinous pudding due north of my words here.

Mr. S just captured an Angel am I right?

For those of you who don’t know me real well, that would be my angel thank you very much!

Here is our little Santa’s helper once more, ensnared perfectly by the keen-eyed, quick-fingered, one-and-only Mr. Steve.

For your eye-popping pleasure, here is their web site.

They are also offering free session for the rest of the year. And can shoot both onsite as well as in their studio. Though, I’d go to their studio if I were you….that’s where they keep the real Santa locked in a cookie-filled cage on the underneath side of their living room floor. Here he is (Santa) pictured below.

Santa and two little angels that don’t belong to the writer of this blog.

Jon Knot J & S Slone

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  1. This is great! She is a natural :) And everything you said about Steve and Jen are spot on..they are awesome! Someone asked if the Santa was real..YES! That say's a lot.