Chicago's the greatest

Chicago's the greatest

Monday, November 28, 2011

Vitamin D

Vitamin D
By Jon Slone

You can have the whole planet for a piece of Home Plate.
Cause I need more Narrow
And I need more Straight.
And I need more snow and I need more sled.
And I need more rope and I need more Red.

I need less choices
I need less brands.
I need more Father up there in the stands.

I need a vacation on the wings of an Eagle.
And I need more times when chocolate was legal.

I need me a placard that lights up, Applause it.
I need more monsters inside of my closet.

I need more adventures aloft in my stunt tree.
I need more walks to Potato Chip Country.

I need more respite
I need more Bridge.
I need more artwork displayed on the fridge.

And a teacher to take me out for a meal.
And a little more weal and a little more Hill.

And a little less thorn and a little more tree.
And if they don’t have all of those things for me…

Then maybe just get me some Vitamin D.

Jon CanIhavesomemoreplease Slone

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