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Chicago's the greatest

Monday, December 19, 2011

Felicia's Fix'er Elixir

Felicia’s Fix’er Elixir
By Jon Slone

Right after bingo on Thursday I think.
Felicia made granny a medicinal drink.
A “Pick-Me-Up” cocktail
A “Get Well” spritzer.
A sort of a “Cure what ails ya” Elixir.
It had to have kick! (Even if she was brittle.)
Maybe hurt going down or just cripple a little.

So off to the attic with a cast iron skillet.
She trotted with her fancies of how she would fill it.
She started with paint from an old crusty can.
Then some fuzzy fur growing on the blades of a fan.
She threw in some tinsel and shoe polish too.
With sacks of gun powder and a petrified shoe.

She plopped in a Gumshoe and juice from a Pickle.
And tree sap stuck on an Indian-head nickel.
A plastic toy train.
Some fresh window pane.
And a glob of wet hair from the bath tub drain!

A pop-top lid that was steeped in red.
And something that the cat coughed up in her bed!

She threw in some Crumples and Chocolate-plated Pushins.
And stuff that she found under all the couch cushions.

Some cheap window cleaner.
Some Jam.
Some Jelly.
And that white stuff you drink for an upset belly!

Oh by the way, granny hated it!

Jon writer's hut Slone

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  1. I have always loved Felicia...and it sounds to me like that stuff would cure anything....I like some parts better than others...cushions...and what the cat coughed up are just two of my favorite lines...but this is thoroughly wonderfully written and I count it as one of my favs....