Chicago's the greatest

Chicago's the greatest

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Stranger

The Stranger
By Jon Slone

When I was just seven
Or maybe a little more.
I heard this Stranger
Knock at my door.

To find this door
I began to hunt.
It wasn’t the backdoor
It wasn’t the front.
This door
Was one I couldn’t see.
And that was because
It was inside of me.

Inside of my body
Near a very important part.
That Stranger was knocking at the door of my heart.

His name was Jesus,
The one at my door.
I knew I was right
For I’d heard Him before.
He brought a free gift
To save me from sin.
So I opened my heart
And I let Him come in.

There in His new home with changes to tackle.
He pulled out some polish
And he got out some spackle.

He brought with Him trash bags
And paint cans and powders.
With Stain Picker-uppers
And Spot Getter-outters!

And day by day
This Clean-up Whiz.
He makes my heart
Look more like His!

He died for my sins
Up there on the cross.
And now in my heart
He’s Lord and He’s Boss.

He’s at the controls
Of all that I do.
Except when I’m bad
But those times are few.

He keeps me safe
He helps me grow.
He loves me more
Than I’ll ever know.
He guides my steps
Wherever I go.
I’m sure, cause His word
It tells me so.

With Him in my heart
Life is neater!
Life is fuller!
Life is sweeter!

He’s built me a home
It’s up in the sky.
I’ll live there forever
Whenever I die.

That fills me with joy
Yet the world is sad.
But they’d be happy
If they had what I had.

I bet if they’d stop
For a second or more.
They’d hear that Stranger
Knock at their door!

Jon Jesus-Freak Slone

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  1. Boy, you are pulling out all the stops...this is absolutely one of my very favorites. I had sorta forgotten this one so I read it several times and I just love it...God's message for the world so simply and lovingly done. I hope and pray for you that the Father blesses this written word and the heart that wrote it....much love....