Chicago's the greatest

Chicago's the greatest

Monday, December 5, 2011

PoppaSquat Yo Yo McNoinkle BackTrackit

PoppaSquat Yo Yo McNoinkle BackTrackit
By Jon Slone

Now they’ve invented a brownie flavored breeze!
And money grows nicely on four types of trees!
In PoppaSquat Yo Yo McNoinkle BackTrackit!
Where Relish is soon to come out in a packet!

Thanks to those packets of pieces of pickle.
Now paper cuts tickle
And homes cost a nickel!

We’ve superstar status
Our face is in Flicks!
We work for just one day and party for six!

The needy don’t need
And the homeless have houses.
And people are kind to their mooses and mouses!

Our bodies can fly and karate-chop bricks!
And Sardines
Taste like Bubble gum sticks!

And mean people melt
And all wash away!
And rainbows stop in for lunch every day!

And all because relish is coming to a packet!
In PoppaSquat Yo Yo McNoinkle BackTrackit!

Jon relish-my-blog-if-you-must Slone


  1. It makes me smile to read this because it was always such a kid favorite....everytime you asked them to say it...they always wanted to try it and ever now and then we would get a winner but more often a good laugh....I think it is childlike, clever, and totally for all....just like your book.....

  2. Love this one..and listening to how the kids "try" to say it. I FINALLY got it down..