Chicago's the greatest

Chicago's the greatest

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Long-winded K

Long-winded K
By Jon Slone

Could you turn in the Dew bottles and get us some change?
Could you stomach the move if we took to the range?


Could you mow the front yard?
Could you guard the front row?
Could you come get this splinter up out of my toe?
Could you stop at the store, could you answer the door?
Could you sleep in the attic for a fortnight or more?


Could you get some more soda cause this here won’t fizz!
Could you go wash the mat where your cat took a wiz?
Could you help little Cal with his calculus quiz?
Could you fill up the hole where the septic tank is?

Could you go change the light-bulb out there in the shed?
Could you live with a brother if we all called him Zed?
Could you fetch me a fork and some needle and thread?
Could you go get the plate out from under your bed?


Could you pick up the guitar and play Terry Kath?
Could you call up the plumber about the hall bath?
Could you clean out the gutters and bag all the needles?
And wash Mr. Tweedles?
And spray for the beetles?

Could you go wash your hair?
Could you go pick a pear?
Could you stand on a stair and like steady a bear?
Could you bathe your whole body in a bottle of Nair?
Could you come over here?
Could you go over there?

Could you get on the treadmill, you look a bit doughy?
Could you take up the Macrame to Aunt Chloe?
Could you rethink the pants, they’re a little too showy?
Now what do you say to all that, little Joey?


Could you cash-in your cashews for cups of cachet?
Could you eat a fillet be it caked in flambé?
Could you call Uncle Ray down in Crambazzle Bay?
Could you track in some clay?
Could you wait to go weigh?
Could you see about Mother’s delicious Souffle?
Could you charter a cherry-colored cabriolet?
Could you lacquer the sleigh?
Could you bounce a bouquet?
Could you fetch some sorbet out in west Santa-Fe?
Could you maybe just maybe,
Delay or defray?
Could you quit saying K
Maybe sometime today?


Jon Angel-Actor Slone

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