Chicago's the greatest

Chicago's the greatest

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Seat-Thief Simone

Seat-Thief Simone
By Jon Slone

She’ll say, could you get me a cup of cold juice.
Or maybe just turn on the light for me Dad.

And when you get up to get lights and libations,
You’ll come back to find you’ve been had!

That worn-out dimple on your favorite old couch.
That sunken-in left-side spot on the bed.
She’ll pilfer your seat in a country-fried second
And make your bottom stand up instead!

She’ll hide like the dead on the floor by the bed.
And she’ll dirty up the wall with her feet for some reason.
And when you come back from rekindling the fire.
Your tot’s got your spot and you’re freezin’.

That seat by the chimney with the red-checkered cushion.
That spot by the vent where the warmth coddles dread.
She’ll snatch up your warmy just as soon as you’ve parted.
And she won’t budge a skosh or a shred!

Jon Mack-got-my-seat-again Slone


  1. What an adorable poem....shows how bright your little girl really is...its so much better in a spot that is already worn and warm rather than having to break one in yourself...There are definately some favorite phrases dimpled spot country fried minute and warmth coddles dread. I have heard this story but not purveyed in such a delightful way....

  2. It's crazy to see you turn one small moment into such a well crafted poem. It says so much about so little. And, of course, hats off to your daughter.