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Chicago's the greatest

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Johann Debonair

Johann Debonair
By Jon Slone

When Johann Debonair said he loved you so much.
That So that he spoke was the biggest So ever!
For no one could stretch out a So like that Joh.
And his So-stretching So-ness stopped So-ing like never!

His So’s indescribably loved you and dug you.
Then somehow his So’s became arms for to hug you!

Those So hugs would shut eyes and force Gobs to show yawns.
And so forth and so on went those So’s of Johann’s.

Just one single So would but burgeon one’s pelf.
And then prop up one’s hope upon life’s flimsy shelf.
And then make you not sure as-to-what just really happened.
Save the fact that you're craving some more So for yourself!

People would try to like, pay for a Joh So.
Please Mr. Joh, they would say, could you go slow?
And then that there So would set in near a wee toe.
While Guido and Milo savored So’s by the kilo.

And a So in the hand is worth two in the push.
And if push comes to shove,
Cup of Jo in the bush!

Yeah, I’m not really sure what the bush and the Jo…
Have to do with the So-gracious, So-giving Joh.
But just know that you’re lacking and your woe needs to feed.
And that Johann has something that you probably need.

Jon The-So-Supplier Slone

If Johann had ever put out an album

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  1. Well this is totally delightful. This has to be a new one or one that has been stashed somewhere because I haven't read this one before and I really like it...Joh is so good and everyone needs a is so creative to shorten Johann to in Yo-Mama...and your momma loved this one....cute rhyming in very favorite line is so in the bush and in the hand...very clever...proud