Chicago's the greatest

Chicago's the greatest

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Favorite Christmas

My Favorite Christmas
By Jon Slone

Of Christmas trees
The favorite of mine.
Is not a Frazier Fur
Nor any kind of pine.
It’s not an Evergreen
And a Spruce is no good.
Instead my favorite tree was made from Dogwood.

It’s not a dangle with tinselly sights.
Nor is it strangled with strands of lights.
No ornaments hang from my favorite tree.
Except for a man who hung there for me.

For life eternal that I might share.
He took my sins and died with them there.
More than anything I opened as a kid.
The greatest gift is what this man did!

That was my favorite Christmas.

Jon front-yard-Dog Slone

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  1. I love this and always have and the pictures just accompanied the story beautifully...When you say, except for a man who hung there for me, it just rocks my is the perfect phrasing and I love this every Christian's a heart toucher....