Chicago's the greatest

Chicago's the greatest

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Scrawny Rupe

Scrawny Rupe
By Jon Slone

They watch in amazement with Wows and Chuckles.
As Rupe spins the ball on his fingers and knuckles.
Twirling and twirling ‘til tips get numb.
Then Rupe moves the ball to the tips of his thumb.
And all for a bet
Five bucks was the deal.
And sure enough Rupe won a Five Dollar Bill.

With God-given talent and practice galore.
He dazzled the crowds on the Basketball floor.
When it came to putting that ball through the hoop.
No one could do it as easy as Rupe!
His passing and dribbling abilities were smokin’!
His stats and his records won’t ever be broken!

Then one day
He simply laid down.
Much too soon
Did he give up his crown.

He closed his eyes
In the midst of a group.
And that was the end
Of the great Scrawny Rupe.

Jon Flopalong Maravich Slone

1 comment:

  1. This one always makes me a little sad...because he was such a talent....skinny little fella with great big eyes...We hate to see him die but he was born with that heart problem and I think we are lucky that God let him stay with us as long as he did...remarkable young man...
    I love you and thank you for your help with the did it....